Four easy tips for hiring a General Contractor in Miami

  • On August 20, 2015

If you’re thinking of doing a large home improvement project, building a home or maybe an office remodel, or build-out, you’ll likely want to hire a general contractor in Miami. These professionals manage all aspects of the job to ensure it’s completed on schedule and to your satisfaction. Whether you’re trying to find building contractors for a new construction, or home improvement contractors in Miami to spruce up your existing place, it’s important to know exactly what role they will play in the project.


1. Know what you want before you get estimates. Start with a plan and some ideas. Don’t start by talking to contractors just yet, go online figure out what you want first and get information about your project. You’ll get a more accurate estimate if you can be very specific in what you want done and the materials you would like to use to make it happen.

2. Ask friends, relatives and co-workers for references. People in your neighborhood who have done similar projects are your best sources. If you know people in the building trades, ask them, too. Employees of local hardware stores may also be able to provide referrals.

3. Interview at least three candidates. Narrow down the list of contenders and set up meetings. Try to keep it to three contractors, because things can get confusing beyond that. How a contractor answers questions is extremely important, but communication goes both ways. Candidates should ask plenty of questions, too. Schedule face to face meeting and phone interviews with those you feel are best qualified. The single most important factor in choosing a contractor is how well you and he communicate. All things being equal, it’s better to spend more and get someone you’re comfortable with. Don’t let price be the determining factor. Check them out online, check reviews, look at their social media and visit job sites if possible.

4. Get it in writing. Draw up a contract that details every step of the project. Any reputable contractor will provide you with a contract to perform services highlighting all they plan to provide for the cost agreed upon.


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