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  • On July 29, 2015

A conventional or ‘complete’ Portland cement stucco wall system is commonly known as a ‘full lath’ stucco wall application. The conventional system used for all new construction is most certainly the most common of all stucco wall systems known in the stucco market today. Exterior plaster and stucco have many similarities. Both are durable, fire resistant and long-lasting. They provide buildings with an attractive alternative to siding and are relatively low-maintenance products. Though modern versions have been manufactured, exterior plastering products have been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations.

Portland cement was invented in 1824 in England and named as such because its inventor, Joseph Aspdin, thought the cured concrete looked like Portland stone which was a popular building material in England at the time.

As with any professional stucco wall application, whether construction related or otherwise; there are those who practice their profession with the skill, passion and commitment to produce consistently outstanding results; and there are those who practice for nothing more than pure profit. The difference between the two is finish. This disparity is always abundantly clear.

The stucco must be applied over lath to keep it away from the frame sheathing by about one-quarter of an inch. Stucco must be applied using thin coats, the first one must be forced into the lath so the mesh is entirely embedded within the stucco mix. It is recommended to apply stucco in three different coats, adding over one inch of stucco surface once the plaster has been applied. A 3-coat stucco system consists of a scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat. The scratch coat is applied first to provide a strong base for the system. It’s embedded in metal lath, which strengthens and secures the coat. The brown coat is applied next to create an even surface for the finish coat. The finish coat is applied last, creating the decorative finish on the wall surface.

We break down each and every full lath application into four completely separate procedures. LATH STUCCO WALL INSTALLATION, SCRATCH STUCCO WALL APPLICATION, BROWN STUCCO WALL APPLICATION and COLOR COAT STUCCO WALL APPLICATION. Each procedure is run and managed with absolute and total autonomy. Our specialist new construction lath installation crew concentrates on lath and lath ALONE; – day-in and day-out. And we employ the VETERAN talent required to guarantee unsurpassable quality in every full lath procedure.

It is commonly known that stucco is only as strong as its substrated. The stronger the substrated; the more durable and long-lasting, the installation will be. With this in mind, extra steps can be taken at each and every level to solidify the overall application.

TEXTURE FINISH: Varied on the site by the plasterer, done with a variety of materials, applied over different surfaces, creating different textures. Can be hand or tool applied.

QUOINS: Decorative corner accents.

Our attention to detail when it comes to your home is unsurpassed. We take great pride in turning your house into the home you have always dreamed of.





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